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Forgive me
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Saturday, July 4th, 2009
6:18 am
Oh man
Look Livejournal i havent posted in here since 07 woot way to be devoted honestly i just found out my password i was reading my old posts and laughing but they made me sad to cause i miss all of my old friends well im not going to say all cause jesus didnt lie. Man there are twelve puppies at my house there is one cute one lol. Bumblebee. Oh this is good get this i got fired from mcdonalds cause i was always super late or i didnt show up sometimes but anyways i got a job interview at payless on monday exciting i like cheap shoes i kno ill just sing kelly all day OMG SHOES.MAn my foots asleep. O I played with a few people from the past yesterday me keytee ash steph jeff heather and this other boy sat in keytees garage till like 4 30am it was fun.
And the other day i played with cassie. Cassie is pregnant now if u know who that is from horizon. Well im at grandmas its pretty boring. Ill post more now that i know my password . . . . . . . well probably not lol <3

Current Mood: creative
Saturday, October 20th, 2007
11:01 pm
Sweetest Day
So today was sweetest day
Not much happened
I smoked with Mary
I played with Chris's little sister, Stacey, John, Alex, and Mary
John is Gay
He askes for my phone number.
John is to gay for me.
I like someone else anyway.
I have to do the dishes.

Current Mood: high
Thursday, October 26th, 2006
5:38 am
ok so i woke up went to work was 5 min late priced tots clothes from 935 till 1230 went on break went back to work pulled line(put all clothes that are being priced where they go in the store and when they price them they dont separate them it takes forever) so i walked around really fast from 115 till 530 it sucked but i got new hours at the world of value
Ok well then after work i walked to bridgettes and when i walked in guess who i saw i saw witch and keytee and naida and London bridge and Amber and Diana and jazmar and bob(used to smoke blunts with him back in the day) and Does anybody remember black kevin from HSA keith and kevin that one kevin that has the sexiest brother ever anyways yeah him. Then bob and kevin left then amber and diana walked to tops to steal hairdye me and keytee started coloring pictures. Then we went into the living room and played cards then we had to leave cuz my beb bridges dad was coming over so then me erin jazmar caitlyn alycia veronica got in the car (not enuff seats) then we were driving so i was like drop me off at beths and then i realized i couldnt go to beths for reasons id rather not discuss cuz i was high cough then i was like oh ill go to marys but she wasnt home so then i was like oh fuck so i started walked up lorain cuz it wasnt that cold and i saw keith (not kevin and keith keith but a different keith) it was the keith that worked at the gay porn shop he needed weed really bad and i was talking to him for a long time then i called alycia and she was like meet me halfway so i didnt leave till they got there then we decided to get drugs and keith wanted a ½ so we were like we'll get it for u then we pinched his sack got two blunts outta it anyways then we went back took it too him stole alot and then erin picked us up from the store (BTW it was me veronica with and keytee w/ the drug deal) and we went to bridgettes and played it was fun i stole bridgettes fire hydrant now her dog is going to die cuz it has nothing to pee on ha!
then we had to leave and i came home it was nice i took a shower and ate n stuff i got work at 1230 tomorrow ok n e ways i guess im about done now
Why Is there cotton in the top of medicine bottles???
HAHAHA jpjpjpjpjpjp I love black people

Current Mood: high
Friday, September 1st, 2006
7:09 am
i had fun.....
ok so where do we start i went to work today put my two weeks notice in and my last day is october 30th i have until october 30th to find a job..... or i could probably just get one but i dont wanna be broke im going to be a server somewhere itll be nice i wanna serve somewhere expensive tho so that way i get good tips ok well after i got off work i went to keytees and it was me keytee with nick mike and ashely<3 and we were all in caitlyns apartment and we played 10's and 2's and wouldve played spades but we didnt have e nuff cards cuz we only had 50 lol opps i think when i threw them the mightve gotten lost or sumthing idk anyways now im home bunton made me mad he stopped texting back i wanna call garrette but all he will want to do is kiss me or touch me and i dont want him like that i wanna call deejay but he has to be black about it man i have nothing k love you bye
Thursday, June 8th, 2006
12:10 am
Today was ok i went to work from 11-7 but it was fun i didnt work very hard and i was just kinda chillin. Tommorrow is going to suck tho cuz its going to be more well known everything in value world is ½ off! anyways me cassie joel and ant went to applebees it was nice i had shrimp i am supposed to hang out with ronta and witch in a lil bit but i just gotta wait for them to call! any ways i miss loredana i need to call her tomorrow or something tell her mom everything in value worldis halfoff!im so excited i should shop not like i dont half enuff fucking clothes lol any ways i love lesbians and dog food <3

Current Mood: high
Thursday, April 27th, 2006
10:15 pm
swEEtIE You hAd mE
Lets get these teen hearts beating faster faster
things i did last weekend
i was gettin some head
got drunk
got high
made out with a boy
exchanged body heat in the passenger seat. (not really but id like to)
Smoked out of a hooka ! that was exciting
missed brittany n kendra and electra and shelby and anyone else that i kno that has a livejournal unless i dont like u then i missed u very lil
Tuesday, April 25th, 2006
3:14 pm
i talked to cassie for the first time in weeks today
Friday, April 14th, 2006
3:19 am
one day at a time.
So i woke up and was like wtf cuz i didnt kno where i was at then i remembered i spent the night at beths house and had weed and visine hidden under the couch lol. So i got up grabbed that (very slickly i might add) then i decided that beth was going to make my breakfast she did it was nice but i killed that shit with salt and pepper lol i didnt kno she had already put it on there. So after that i had work at two. I had weed and decided to get high before work so i went out on my backporch and smoked a bowl.During the bowl i realized i was being watched by my neighbor. When i looked at him and blew smoke out he said and i quote "Right on brother".that shit was funny. Ihave giant hickeys on my neck and so i figured fck it and went to work. When i got there i popped my collar and kept that bitch up all day i looked like a fukin aSSHOLe. Anyways everyone at work saw and called me a whore a slut. orjust told me to feed them before we fuck so they dont bite me (gotta love barb) anyways after work i came home. I was bored and angry cuz my gramma stole my fan. So i went down to the store and chilled with bozz and dan. Thats was nice i bought a carton of cookies that will last me for a while. Then i decided around i dont remember it was high time so i went over to dans got high then Jamie came over god i love her she is so great and dan is jelous of our love. I walked next to their car down 110th and that was fun cars was stoppin and shit, i stop traffic. yeah bitches anyways i came home got bored and went over my brothers house i love sneaking out. I went over there and chilled with his friend ronnie and watched dodgeball gotta love it. anyways im bout to go to bed i just updated my ipod
Tuesday, April 11th, 2006
12:35 am
OMG today i had so much fun.
First i went to graduation rehearsal or sumthin like that which was nice i got to see everyone. Then after that me lore candice and darsenion went to Lazadas it was fun we had to wait forever but it was worth it. Then i came home and justin called me. When he came and picked me up jessey david damaris and electra were in the car. We went to the east side and stopped at the store. From there i got into electras moms car and went to electras it was just me and her. Then after a long time justin david jessey damaris and kendra showed up. We chilled at Electras house playing volleyball sexually harrassing eachother and just fuckin around in the back yard. Then we went to justins house to pick up his sister christine i love her she is so great and we picked up this other kid david. From there we went to quaker steak and lube and waited for like an hour and a half during that time Devena nicole andrea and brian showed up. We went inside and sat down after david was about to beat sum girl up. By the time we were finished ordering and eating and everything we was all stuffed loud and crazy. The check was 168.81 people all just started throwin money on the table it was so unorganized. So we did that and went to see x men 3 it was ok christine and andrea made it funnier tho. So we left and went home. I had so much fun i want to do that again before every one leaves ok well i g2g mucho love.
Saturday, April 8th, 2006
1:43 pm
High school life is over..... i am going to miss everyone even the kids i hate i will miss horizon god knows i have been goin there since 7th grade i barley graduated and im so glad i made it. for a while there i wasnt sure but i made it ! go me whoop whoop kendra i never blame n e thing on drugs and or alcohol i told u that. if i did it i did it and now its in the past. I left my yr book at ur house on top of the dresser where ur corsets are hanging ok well i g2g luv ya all
Monday, April 3rd, 2006
12:47 am
4 cups of coffee later
ok well i am writing this paper for ms basch but i decided to take a break to do some bitching.
so lets get it over with cuz i want to go play cuz im hyper to much sugar and caffine.
1-You know what i hate top 8's they suck fuck that i would rather not have one.
2-Broken hearts-I hate broken hearts they are so painful and u feel for ur friends when their hearts are broken if people werent assholes and tried sometimes then maybe less hearts would be broken and people would be happier(me included)
3-Strings I hate it when strings are attached emotions suck especially when u cant control them ive stopped caring recently i gave up on love before it could give up on me and i turned into a whore lol.
4-Lies-Lies fucking suck bawls deciet even if they are little white lies. If it is a little lie then why dont u fucking tell the goddamn truth. If its a big lie its important then whoever your lyin to should kno.
5-Broken Promises-A promise should reflect what kind of friend you are if you break a promise then u arnt a very good friend. And you cant be trusted
6-People who have over 1000 friends on myspace. I wanna slap the fuck outta u if u just friend request anyone u see!
7-Haters-If you aint appreciating then u r hating alright there is no i didnt mean it like that there is no i was just joking just dont be a hater!
ok well im bout to go back to my homework im not going to sleep tonight mucho love

Current Mood: hyper
Thursday, March 30th, 2006
10:55 pm
Welcome back
Hey whats up long time no post. as a matter of fact noone has been posting lately its all about the myspace well start posting bitches cuz im sick of myspace. I hate how everyone is so concerned about that damn top 8. i wish it was random again
i love and miss everyone CLASS OF 06 BITCHES(well i hope anyway)
Wednesday, March 15th, 2006
4:26 am
yea so i cried tonight i aint goin to sleep i dont want to whats the point i didnt cut myself even tho i wanted to really bad but i resisted the urge yay me
Wednesday, February 22nd, 2006
8:01 am
i done came down
Yesterday was joels bday man it was great. School was sucking so fucking bad i was sad as fuck and i was tryna leave and then i did at lunch and man i was so messed up i had a bottle of K which is really good then there were shots of E&J then i had 3 blunts which were also good then i went to work lol i was fucked up at work like whoa it was great any ways i got to wake my gramma up
Saturday, February 11th, 2006
2:29 am
hey i just had sex! yes life is good. Boy thats great news i was on a slide ever since that boy came over like last month it sucked literally lol. Ok well im bout to go to bed i got work really early
Sunday, January 15th, 2006
1:49 am
to much fun? no
Tonight it was me cassie kayla rachel chris kyle and lenny. We got high and drunk man it was so fun. Last night it was me cassie and god i dont even remember i am high right now but i wish i had more but kayla has my blunt im so upset anyway im bored and tired and i dont know what to do monday. I could (if allowed) go over brit's house and wathc nightmare on elm street. Or i could go meet kayla somewhere. Or i could hang out with my 1 boo(not my favorite one either). Or i could try to force plans with my number 2 boo ugh so much to worry about. oh well i will have fun regardless things just fall into place. Ok well i love you by bye buy? hahahahah
1:45 am
i cant believe i just did that!
I made out with james in the mcdonalds drive thru window like an hour ago! lol it was great im high ok i love you bye bye
Friday, January 13th, 2006
1:14 pm
Im hiding something cuz its burning thru my eyes
Oh god what did i do now im so stupid!!!! help
Sunday, January 8th, 2006
9:42 pm
2 times in one day (been there before) lol
Ok so i got an I-M from a friend of a former friend of mine. I was tellin her a story and i got angered i mean what the fuck is "Its not you its me" ill tell u exactly what that is, that is a bitch move. Obviously still missing him and yet i dont care its like i have lost emotion. Someone told me that i have a problem cuz i dont REALLY care about anything. Maybe i dont or maybe i care about stuff more then people realize. Maybe when a friend is crying while talkin to me on the phone i want to cry with them. Maybe i feel bad for the people everyone laughs at. Maybe i dont give a fuck about anything. I dont kno i do kno that trust is a past issue for me i will tell no one anything unless it involves them i dont see a point to tell someone something just to be disappointed by their betrayls of trust later ~bye~
9:21 pm
went to work went to beths came home want pizza i think we have some but i dont feel like checking i think im just going to go pee then go to sleep. Seems like a good plan maybe ill get up on time for school lol. I cant find my charger its somewhere in my house i think. My boo aint called me in like 2 days but yea ill see him tommorrow. And maybe there will b more bathroom issues ;) lol anyways im bored and tired imma find my charger and go to sleep oh did i tell yall that candice is pregnant
(just kidding)
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