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Forgive me

for what ive done

23 August
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Marital SaTuz:lookin for someone with a penis

OcCuPashon: I wish!

hobbiez: bein me

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Randy is so great. He is crazy loud and funny. Sometimes hes not serious enough but thats funny too. He is a great friend and if you dont like him your an asshole.
Strengths: He is very friendly and has a lot of friends. He is very nice and is willing to do "ANYTHING" to please them.
Weaknesses: Sometimes he is to trusting with the wrong people and ends up getting hurt.
Special Skills: He can make a pop bottle dissapear in his mouth. Just kidding. Has magic hands and a magic tongue.
Weapons: His gat he'll kill you. Also has a gun he will cut u or stab you in the throat.

Love always Randy

Little Debbie makes me quiver with delicious anticipation

give ranie3 more *HUGS*

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Your 80s Theme Song is Jessie's Girl by Rick Springfield

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