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Oh man

Look Livejournal i havent posted in here since 07 woot way to be devoted honestly i just found out my password i was reading my old posts and laughing but they made me sad to cause i miss all of my old friends well im not going to say all cause jesus didnt lie. Man there are twelve puppies at my house there is one cute one lol. Bumblebee. Oh this is good get this i got fired from mcdonalds cause i was always super late or i didnt show up sometimes but anyways i got a job interview at payless on monday exciting i like cheap shoes i kno ill just sing kelly all day OMG SHOES.MAn my foots asleep. O I played with a few people from the past yesterday me keytee ash steph jeff heather and this other boy sat in keytees garage till like 4 30am it was fun.
And the other day i played with cassie. Cassie is pregnant now if u know who that is from horizon. Well im at grandmas its pretty boring. Ill post more now that i know my password . . . . . . . well probably not lol <3
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