ranie3 (ranie3) wrote,

i had fun.....

ok so where do we start i went to work today put my two weeks notice in and my last day is october 30th i have until october 30th to find a job..... or i could probably just get one but i dont wanna be broke im going to be a server somewhere itll be nice i wanna serve somewhere expensive tho so that way i get good tips ok well after i got off work i went to keytees and it was me keytee with nick mike and ashely<3 and we were all in caitlyns apartment and we played 10's and 2's and wouldve played spades but we didnt have e nuff cards cuz we only had 50 lol opps i think when i threw them the mightve gotten lost or sumthing idk anyways now im home bunton made me mad he stopped texting back i wanna call garrette but all he will want to do is kiss me or touch me and i dont want him like that i wanna call deejay but he has to be black about it man i have nothing k love you bye
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