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one day at a time.

So i woke up and was like wtf cuz i didnt kno where i was at then i remembered i spent the night at beths house and had weed and visine hidden under the couch lol. So i got up grabbed that (very slickly i might add) then i decided that beth was going to make my breakfast she did it was nice but i killed that shit with salt and pepper lol i didnt kno she had already put it on there. So after that i had work at two. I had weed and decided to get high before work so i went out on my backporch and smoked a bowl.During the bowl i realized i was being watched by my neighbor. When i looked at him and blew smoke out he said and i quote "Right on brother".that shit was funny. Ihave giant hickeys on my neck and so i figured fck it and went to work. When i got there i popped my collar and kept that bitch up all day i looked like a fukin aSSHOLe. Anyways everyone at work saw and called me a whore a slut. orjust told me to feed them before we fuck so they dont bite me (gotta love barb) anyways after work i came home. I was bored and angry cuz my gramma stole my fan. So i went down to the store and chilled with bozz and dan. Thats was nice i bought a carton of cookies that will last me for a while. Then i decided around i dont remember it was high time so i went over to dans got high then Jamie came over god i love her she is so great and dan is jelous of our love. I walked next to their car down 110th and that was fun cars was stoppin and shit, i stop traffic. yeah bitches anyways i came home got bored and went over my brothers house i love sneaking out. I went over there and chilled with his friend ronnie and watched dodgeball gotta love it. anyways im bout to go to bed i just updated my ipod
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