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4 cups of coffee later

ok well i am writing this paper for ms basch but i decided to take a break to do some bitching.
so lets get it over with cuz i want to go play cuz im hyper to much sugar and caffine.
1-You know what i hate top 8's they suck fuck that i would rather not have one.
2-Broken hearts-I hate broken hearts they are so painful and u feel for ur friends when their hearts are broken if people werent assholes and tried sometimes then maybe less hearts would be broken and people would be happier(me included)
3-Strings I hate it when strings are attached emotions suck especially when u cant control them ive stopped caring recently i gave up on love before it could give up on me and i turned into a whore lol.
4-Lies-Lies fucking suck bawls deciet even if they are little white lies. If it is a little lie then why dont u fucking tell the goddamn truth. If its a big lie its important then whoever your lyin to should kno.
5-Broken Promises-A promise should reflect what kind of friend you are if you break a promise then u arnt a very good friend. And you cant be trusted
6-People who have over 1000 friends on myspace. I wanna slap the fuck outta u if u just friend request anyone u see!
7-Haters-If you aint appreciating then u r hating alright there is no i didnt mean it like that there is no i was just joking just dont be a hater!
ok well im bout to go back to my homework im not going to sleep tonight mucho love
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