ranie3 (ranie3) wrote,

2 times in one day (been there before) lol

Ok so i got an I-M from a friend of a former friend of mine. I was tellin her a story and i got angered i mean what the fuck is "Its not you its me" ill tell u exactly what that is, that is a bitch move. Obviously still missing him and yet i dont care its like i have lost emotion. Someone told me that i have a problem cuz i dont REALLY care about anything. Maybe i dont or maybe i care about stuff more then people realize. Maybe when a friend is crying while talkin to me on the phone i want to cry with them. Maybe i feel bad for the people everyone laughs at. Maybe i dont give a fuck about anything. I dont kno i do kno that trust is a past issue for me i will tell no one anything unless it involves them i dont see a point to tell someone something just to be disappointed by their betrayls of trust later ~bye~
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